I’d just broken up with the self-declared love of my life and was slowly coming out of my period of “mourning” when I decided to try internet dating.

So, all on my lonesome-again, one Saturday night, and feeling rather tipsy, having single-handedly drunk the best part of a bottle of wine, I blearily decided to try my hand at internet dating.

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I registered my details, and chose the Gold membership, which offered unlimited text messages to other members, as well as voicemails, chat online and video messaging.

Gold membership was a happy medium between the Silver and Platinum memberships, in my tipsy opinion.

Anyway, without going into too much detail, I managed to upload my profile and a fairly decent photo of myself-some feat, given I had demolished the last of the wine during the process. Hmmm, I wondered how he’d look in the morning when my hazy glow had worn off…never mind, I was safe in the comfort of my own living room.

We were still chatting a few hours later, and were getting on very well.

We arranged to meet the following weekend and I tumbled into my bed that night quite proud of the fact I had “pulled” in my pyjamas…

So, D-day, in other words Date-day, or should that be night, arrived.

I was a mix of nervous anticipation and excitement. Only joking, I was hoping for a bit of fun and romance at that point in my life, given the fact that I’d just come out of a very serious relationship.

We had arranged to meet at 8pm in the city centre, my friend offered to drop me off and collect me again later, so I was all set to have a good night.

There I was hair straightened, makeup on, dressed to impress when I caught a glimpse of my date for the evening…hmmm…not so good.