The difficulties listed can be early signs of cognitive and brain dysfunction.While dementia or Alzheimer's disease can lead to these symptoms, there are many other treatable disorders that also may cause these signs.

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Unfortunately, many people do not seek help for these kinds of symptoms until they have experienced them for several years.

There are many treatable causes of cognitive and thinking loss, and in some cases, medications or other treatments can be very effective-especially if provided when symptoms first begin.

Remember that SAGE does not diagnose any specific condition.

The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE) is designed to detect early signs of cognitive, memory or thinking impairments.

It evaluates your thinking abilities and helps physicians to know how well your brain is working. It doesn't matter which one you take; they are all interchangeable. Print it out and answer the questions in ink without the assistance of others.

Download Test You do not need special equipment to take SAGE — just a pen and paper. Don't look at the clock or calendar while taking the test, and if you have questions about an item, just do the best you can.

The average time to complete this four-page test is 10 to 15 minutes, but there is no time limit.

When you're done, take your answer sheet to your doctor so he or she can score it and talk to you about the results.

Depending on your score, your doctor may order follow-up tests or simply keep it on file so he can see if there are any changes down the road.