So, what this study shows is that while intra-racial marriage is still the norm, black males have an easier time overcoming the racial barrier compared to black females, and Asian females compared to Asian males.

The paper does not seem to present any facial attractiveness data, although it does present an analysis to discount an alternative hypothesis based on stature differences.

According to that hypothesis, Asian females outmarry more easily than Asian males because Asians are shorter, and women tend to marry taller men than themselves. doi:10.1371/0031703 A Facial Attractiveness Account of Gender Asymmetries in Interracial Marriage Michael B.

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Models of interracial marriage, based on the exchange of racial status for other capital, cannot explain these asymmetries.

A new explanation is offered based on the relative perceived facial attractiveness of the different race-by-gender groups.

Method and Findings This explanation was tested using a survey of perceived facial attractiveness.

The results of the experiment demonstrated that there are robust differences in the relative perceived attractiveness of different racial groups.

Further, these differences are affected by the gender of the person being rated.

Among males, Black faces were rated as the most attractive followed by White faces and then Asian faces.

For the females, Asian faces were seen as the most attractive followed by White and then Black faces.

The same pattern was found regardless of the ethnicity of the person doing the ratings.

Whatever the perceptions of attractiveness, it seems that people still tend to marry within their own races.

For example, in the UK 0.24% of white females marry black males, and the corresponding percentage for the US is 0.56%.

Since blacks make up roughly 1/10 of the population in the US, then if race was not an issue, we'd expect white females to marry black males about 10% of the time; the empirical figure is about ~20 times lower.