You could also talk about your love of travel here.Here’s an Intro example for a guy I’ll call Dan: Sure you’re strapped to a giant kite and the wind could whisk you away like a jet plane…Well, I’d already convinced my best friend to come along, so there wasn’t any backing out of it…I did more than my fair share of nosedives into the sea foam before my kite board and I became friends, but after swallowing about 10 liters of saltwater, I finally started getting a taste for how the ocean feels racing under my feet (instead of into my face) and I was hooked.

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Use a funny, cool, or adventurous story from your life to hook women into reading more.

The next two paragraphs are the Daily Life section, which should account for about 50% of your About Me.

In this section, you want to tell women what you’re most passionate about on a daily basis.

Not only that, but I’m going to tell you how to write a kick-@$$ profile yourself, fast.

Dust enters your nose and you cinch your seatbelt a little tighter, but all you can think about is: “Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the llama burger last night”, and “God I hope I make my 5pm flight in La Paz with all my limbs intact”…Your Intro needs to hook the reader’s attention by engaging her senses, creating mystery and pulling her into your life, quickly.

After reading this short article, you’re going to know what to say, where to say it and why you’re saying it.Data analysis by my team and I shows that this is the perfect length to give women a taste of yourself while preserving the irresistibly attractive element of mystery.“Describe Your Date” – 1-2 Paragraphs (20%)Recap: Your About Me is going to be 250 – 350 words long.You only have a few short sentences to captivate her and get her hungry for more, so make the most of your first paragraph.And you’ll see tons of examples to drive that information home.Let’s go…The typical dating site has a variety of fields you need to fill out in order to complete your profile.