This week, Dan Ozzi wrote a piece for Nerve magazine explaining how technology has rendered the "three-day rule" obsolete.(For anyone not in the know, that rule dictates that you should wait three days before contacting a date, lest they think you're too eager to go out again.) when someone you went on a date with favorites one of your tweets, as one of Ozzi's recent lady friends did?But the whole idea of dating "rules" takes all the fun out of the process.

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There's nothing wrong with contacting someone you've gone out with when the mood strikes.

(Though if you feel the need to be calling someone every hour, on the hour, there might be an issue.)2.

Don't play the "wait for the other person to make the first move" game.

It will probably just make you miserable and neither of you will ever make a move.

If you are a reasonably perceptive person, you should be able to tell when someone is interested in you and act accordingly. A date isn't a job interview, so try not to act like it is.

Don't interrogate your date, put them on the spot, or make them feel like you're judging them.

Instead, try to listen to what they have to say and decide whether their thoughts are compatible with yours.4.

If you disagree with something your date says, express your opinion.

There's no point of keeping quiet because you think it will make someone like you more.

It is only guaranteed to make things worse down the road.

The rules of dating should pretty much be limited to the rules of common courtesy, sense and respect.