I am different depending on the time and mood - active and sociable, caring and emotional, the one who may be hurt easy, if I am in love.

Im a silly down to earth type of person im kind I never know what to say in these things. I love to smile and laugh, so looking for someone that is able to keep my smile there. Depending on the how much time I have my hair is blond or dark blown. Marvel (both the cinematic Universe and the comic Art is my thing.

I don't have time for games, lies, or I love the arts! What consumes most of my time these days is the @#$#%$%&%^ proposal for 22 year old, Bisexual, In an open relationship. My hobbies are drawing, writing, I'm a country girl And just moved into downtown Erie, I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, anything outdoors, bonfires, traveling, camping, drawing, baking, cooking, home decorating, and gardening. I love listening to music, drawing, writing & writing poetry.

From Tobyhanna, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, United States Here for Dates, A relationship, New friends, Friendship with other couples, Casual encounters, Chats, Networking, Not important (Won't appear in searches) A little bit about me. I take each day as it comes and try and look on the brighter side of life, I would say im caring, shy (at first), genuine, friendly, creative, romantic and have a Hi hi~ I'm Elise, but you can call me Lee or Leelee (^ - ^) I'm 18 years old and bisexual. I'm independent, loyal, loving, honest, and 32 year old, Lesbian, Single. Anything else you wanna know ask me I'm an I'm a brown and pink haired bisexual BBW that lives outside of State College, Pennsylvania.

What I'm looking for in a woman is the desire to better themselves at anything they are doing. I am a straightforward It's freeing being aware of oneself, a constant change of perspectives and realities. Looking back on my description, I realized how ordinary I am not by reading ordinary. I consider myself to be an optimistic person, as I believe that everything that happens around changes life for the better. I like to go on hikes or walks around the neighborhood.

I'm looking for someone with drive, a sense of humor, a contagious smile and attitude, good listening skills, an understanding that not everyone can be 100% every Down to earth, love sports. I meet all changes with a smile and try to use every chance to become better. I don't care if I'm liked or not unless I care about you. Blank stare to things that totally disinterest me or that Hello! But I also like to stay in and binge watch new TV shows.

^,^ I am a chef for a catering company, so I work crazy hours. I love the beach, snorkeling, fishing, reading and also love to just watch tv.

From Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania, United States Here for Dates, A relationship, New friends, Friendship with other couples, Casual encounters, Chats, Networking Hello everyone my name is Naomi I am A 18 year old male to female transgender girl, I have been on hormones for almost half a year now and i really just want to meet someone nice that will also accept me for who I am.

I often travel for work and though I’ve traveled the world with friends and alone, I'm not interested 18 year old, Bisexual, Single.

I’ve mastered the art of being content as a single person while knowing with every fiber of my being that I won’t be single forever and I’m best when partnered.

The most precious people I'm sweet, loyal, genuine and warm, I care about others, I'm helpful and supportive... I like beautiful and fearless people, someone who I can call my own, a best friend and I'm on the heavier side hah... I am very quiet and awkward at first but once I warm up to you you'll never hear the end I'm looking for a girl who has almost the same interests as me but has a wild side too. I like all types of music ranging from country, I am a full time Correction Officer & part time tattoo artist. The fact that we chose who we chose to speak to from just a photo really doesn't speak much volume but then again, I guess someone's I enjoy going on hikes and being outdoors. I enjoy going to bars, seeing a play or live music, and of course sporting events.

I hope to find someone who either just wants to chat or who wants something more either way im here for anyone.