Many atheistic converted religious people and following religion strictly, when they get adequate knowledge about religion. Personally I have no wish to hurt any body about religious issues. However, in the end, it depends on how strict the person follows this. As for atheists, many atheists I know don't care about religion as long as you don't impose it on them.

Well, maybe not all muslim men are like that, but quite often there is a very strong influence of husband´s family. It is best to know the religion first because once married, your life will revolve around it.

If they have children her husband takes them to his family to his home land and good bye kids, never see them again. I attended Islamic classes before so I am kind of aware of the practices, principles and teachings.

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non-muslim woman should be extremely alert about muslim men.

My father is an atheist but he gets along with anyone.

However, you'd be engaged in the debate of your life if you start talking religion with him. Lionpower,they not yet cross the broder yet as they have been together only for 1 year ,of course,that's just what my friend told me,what happens in reality i don't know..........

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