This post is a little compilation of sorts, with a few never before seen items tossed in for fun.

We’re rounding up a slew of personalized and meaningful momentos that we’ve sprinkled throughout our house to remind us of special days gone by.

Because you gotta keep the romance alive at home, right?

And the good news is that none of them are very hard to do (or hard to swing, for those on a budget).

Hooray for easy and sweet home accessories that feel oh so customized – without draining the ol’ bank account of course.

Our first item is the wedding shadow box that we already mentioned in a wedding post a while back.

But we figured a bigger (and clearer) photo would better depict the setup.

All we did was toss in fabric from our DIY table runners along with our actual place cards, invitation, thank you post card, favor envelope and a save-the-date photo strip along with a lemon & lime napkin from our big day. When it came to filling an inexpensive Ikea frame that we picked up to accessorize the three floating shelves in our dining area, we both wanted to hang a bit of food-related art to set the stage.

So we looked no further than three favorite wedding photos (one that features the table setting, another that shows off some of the fresh fruit that we served, and one that showcases all of our pretty white wedding cupcakes lined up and ready to be devoured).

We love that instead of being tucked away in an album they’re out for us to enjoy on a daily basis.

One of our most treasured wedding remnants are the photo strips that our friends and family left behind for us (we requested that they slide through the booth at least twice so they could take a photo strip with them and leave one for us).

We keep all of them corralled in a lovely white leather album, but we selected a few favorites to photocopy and hang on the wall above our console table in the living room in two different frames.