After getting shoved around again by rude and oblivious Swedes at Sturecompagniet last night, I decided to give proper warning to prospective expats thinking of moving here.

Given all the America bashing in the press these days, I don’t feel so bad taking aim at the Swedes.

And, after getting to know them more, you realize that they also have some pretty disgusting habits.

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Data = {} Data["new"] = [{"_id":"57e0ff406df6122a62000419","id":"2016/09/20/wang-coco-has-a-better-life-than-you","title":"Son of China's richest man shows off his dog's 8 i Phone 7s","title_tag":null,"author":"Victoria Ho","post_date":"2016-09-20T+","post_date_rfc":"Tue, +0000","sort_key":"1BMhd1","link":" we get it, Wang Sicong.

You're rich.\n The son of China's wealthiest man is once again flaunting the Apple bling, posting pictures of his Alaskan Malamute, Coco, lounging with a stack of eight brand-new i Phone 7 devices.\n SEE ALSO: Chinese village celebrates dogs by carrying them around on wooden thrones\n He posted the images on his account dedicated to Coco on Weibo, China's biggest social media platform.\n\n Wang, speaking as his dog's voice on the account, gloats in the caption: \"Not sure what people are showing off on social media about. I was forced to take action.\"\n By \"action\", he means show you that he has tons more i Phones than you.\n The devices aren't Coco's first bounty from the Apple store.

Last year, when the Apple Watch debuted, Wang posted a picture of the pampered pooch wearing one on each paw.\n\n The watches weren't just the regular Apple watches, either -- they were the gold ones that went for US,000 apiece.\n Clearly, while neither the phones nor the watches are for Coco's use, Wang's point -- that he's privileged -- was clear.

\n Stocks of the new i Phone 7 and larger i Phone 7 Plus are running critically short globally.

Apple said last week, days before launch, that the i Phone 7 Plus was entirely sold out, and the much coveted jet-black i Phone 7 would be elusive for the next month at least.\n Wang's pictures of the i Phone 7 have come days after hundreds of people queued outside Apple stores in China.