When asking her out on a first date he does not succumb to boyish behavior by utilizing a simple text or facebook message.

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He avoids “cliche” first dates, and certainly bars, movies, and concerts.

Remember, the focus of the first date is to build a pure friendship with the woman; to learn more about her to see if you are interested in pursuing the courtship.

That is difficult to accomplish while watching Paranormal Activity IX.

Valentine’s Day to pass without a post on the need for Catholic courtship in the modern world.

Courtship is an art that is becoming more and more rare in a society that places increasing importance on impure pleasures and immediate satisfaction.

Whereas Catholic courtship used to be passed from father to son, the Catholic resurgence in young adults has left many men without the focus necessary to sustain a true courtship.

Catholic male courtship focuses intensely on respect, patience, and prayer. In choosing a woman to ask on a date, the Catholic Gentleman looks for a woman who obtains many of the virtues found in the Blessed Mother.

He strives to find a woman who is patient, kind, appropriately dressed, and socially graceful.

He avoids women who call attention to themselves and those who dress impurely.

He looks for a woman who has the maturity necessary to follow Mary in all things.

Once he has found this special woman, he treats her with respect.